An Intimate Autumn Birthday

Private Home in Fort Worth, TX


  • Planning,
  • Design,
  • Floral,
  • Production,
  • Stationery

For a client’s 41st birthday, we produced an intimate autumn dinner party that took inspiration from the season for a moment that felt intriguing and elevated.

Modern and Masculine

We tapped into a moody color story, infusing olive green, black, gold, and yellow accents for a subtle autumnal palette. The feeling extended to floral details, which included fall textures and foliage. For the dinner, we decked the space with yellow forsythia, using planter boxes between each banquette to add height in the tent.

Glowing Details

Our production team built 12-foot custom acrylic shelves for a full candle wall that enhanced the party’s alluring, sexy atmosphere. Specialty plates and custom gold-mirrored martini-shaped menus became a playful tabletop accent, while a full mirrored floor added a unique touch to complete the modern atmosphere.

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