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Welcoming & personable, with a modern pulse on luxury and design.

Welcome to our house. It’s built on BIG dreams, BIG compassion, and BIG JOY. We are leaders in crafting elevated celebrations and sophisticated moments that capture the look, feel, and soul of our clients. That’s why no two House of CLRK events are ever the same — but you can always expect the same level of passion and sensibility.
Meet The Team

Upbeat, open-minded, and inquisitive. We pair grit and determination with contagious positivity. You’re gonna love having us in your corner.

Owner & Creative Director

Emily Clarke

Emily Clarke, the visionary behind House of CLRK, combines a decade of industry expertise with a lifelong passion for celebrations, making her a renowned event planner and designer. With an unwavering dedication to each event, Emily has earned a reputation for orchestrating exquisite soirees that leave a lasting impression.

As the Owner and Creative Director of House of CLRK, Emily has curated a team of talented professionals who share her enthusiasm and passion for delivering extraordinary experiences. With her energetic leadership, she guides the team in executing stunning and successful events with meticulous attention to detail.

Emily’s approach to event planning and design centers on embracing individuality and crafting big-picture plans with detail-driven execution. Her unwavering optimism fuels her belief that even the most fanciful concepts can be brought to life. She is renowned for her ability to create show-stopping installations and activations that perfectly embody the personality and vision of each client.

Outside of her role at House of CLRK, Emily finds solace and joy in spending time with her cherished family. These meaningful connections inspire and energize Emily, allowing her to bring her creative prowess to every project she undertakes.

With Emily Clarke at the helm, House of CLRK sets the bar high for exceptional event planning and design. Her unique blend of experience, passion, and attention to detail ensures that each occasion is a true reflection of the client’s vision and surpasses all expectations. Emily’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences has made her a trusted name in the industry, and her imaginative approach continues to captivate audiences and create cherished memories for clients around the world.

Senior Event Producer

Kylee House

Introducing Kylee House, our accomplished Senior Event Producer at House of CLRK. Hailing from the heart of Texas, Kylee’s passion for designing and executing remarkable events has made her an invaluable asset to our team.

Kylee’s journey in the event industry began after she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Design, Housing, and Merchandising from Oklahoma State University. Driven by her love for creating unforgettable experiences, she returned to her hometown of Dallas, Texas, where she embarked on an internship with House of CLRK. During this transformative period, she quickly fell in love with the art of event planning and design, igniting a deep-seated passion within her.

Witnessing the magic unfold as events came to life, Kylee discovered her favorite part of an event day—watching the bride and groom exit their ceremony as newlyweds, with sheer joy and happiness radiating from their faces. These heartfelt moments and the joyous reactions of guests fuel her drive to deliver exceptional experiences.

While her dedication to her craft is unwavering, Kylee also treasures her personal life. She relishes quality time spent with her husband and their new baby boy, creating cherished family memories. Kylee’s adventurous spirit finds solace in exploring the serene waters of the lake and attending sporting events, where she can immerse herself in the excitement of competition.

Senior Event Producer

Rielly Kidwell

Rielly Kidwell, our talented Senior Producer at House of CLRK, brings her passion for event planning and design to every project she undertakes. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Design, Housing, and Merchandising from Oklahoma State University, Rielly has honed her skills and expertise in creating unforgettable experiences.

During her college years, Rielly discovered her love for the event industry while organizing and planning events for her sorority. It was during this time that she realized her natural talent for orchestrating seamless and memorable occasions. This realization sparked a deep-rooted passion within her, leading her to pursue a career in event planning and design.

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Rielly ventured to Denver, Colorado, right after graduating. She spent three years in Denver before deciding to return to her hometown to be closer to her cherished friends and family. Her time in Denver allowed her to gain valuable experience and exposure to diverse event styles, further enriching her creative vision.

Outside of her role at House of CLRK, Rielly cherishes the company of her two beloved dogs and her fiancé. She finds solace in spending quality time with her loved ones and enjoys engaging in activities that fuel her creativity and passion. Whether delving into a captivating book or attending exhilarating concerts, Rielly finds inspiration and a sense of fulfillment in these pursuits.

Senior Graphic Designer

Cheyenne Lynch

Meet Cheyenne Lynch, our talented Senior Graphic Designer at House of CLRK. Hailing from New Mexico and now residing in Texas, Cheyenne brings a unique blend of creativity and attention to detail to her role, infusing every project with intentional design.

Cheyenne’s passion for the event industry blossomed during her time working as an event assistant part-time at House of CLRK. Inspired by the captivating world of event planning and design, she made the bold leap to join the team full-time. Her dedication, combined with her artistic flair, soon propelled her into the role of in-house graphic designer.

Having studied at the renowned Art Institute of Dallas, Cheyenne acquired a solid foundation in design principles and techniques. She firmly believes that intentional design lies in the details, and she meticulously crafts each element to ensure a cohesive and visually captivating experience for clients and guests.

One of Cheyenne’s favorite aspects of an event day is witnessing the culmination of the paper details she has carefully crafted come together as the highlight of the tablescape. From elegant invitations to beautifully designed menus and place cards, Cheyenne’s creations add a touch of sophistication and artistry to every event.

Among the many remarkable moments she has experienced at House of CLRK, one that holds a special place in Cheyenne’s heart is when she had the opportunity to produce an event in her beloved home state of New Mexico. Drawing on her hometown roots, she skillfully integrated the enchantment and cultural richness of the state into the event’s design. This experience allowed her to weave her personal connection and creativity into a truly memorable celebration.

When she’s not bringing her design expertise to House of CLRK, Cheyenne enjoys indulging in her favorite pastimes. She finds relaxation and entertainment in watching reality TV, sharpening her mind with puzzles, and embarking on culinary adventures by trying new restaurants with her friends. These diverse pursuits not only recharge her creative energy but also inspire her to continuously push the boundaries of her design work.

Senior Floral Designer

Parker Paschall

Meet Parker Paschall, our esteemed Senior Floral Designer at House of CLRK. A native Texan, Parker’s deep-rooted love for flowers and innate talent for floral design have made him an indispensable member of our team.

Parker’s journey in the event industry began organically, as he initially pursued floral design as a hobby for friends and family’s celebrations. Inspired by the transformative power of flowers and the joy they bring, Parker soon turned his passion into a full-fledged career at House of CLRK. His dedication to his craft and innate creativity quickly propelled him into the role of Senior Floral Designer.

On an event day, Parker finds immense satisfaction in witnessing the client’s reaction as their vision comes to life through the carefully curated floral arrangements. From exquisite bouquets to awe-inspiring centerpieces, Parker’s artistic touch brings a sense of wonder and beauty to every space. His ability to translate emotions and capture the essence of each event through floral design is truly remarkable.

Beyond the aesthetics, Parker values the personal relationships he forms with clients. He cherishes the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level, allowing him to understand their unique preferences and desires. By fostering these relationships, Parker ensures that the floral designs he creates reflect the individuality and personal stories of each client, creating lasting memories that extend far beyond the event day.

While there have been countless memorable moments throughout Parker’s tenure at House of CLRK, what truly fulfills him is the ability to create happiness and joy through his artistic work. The transformative power of flowers allows him to bring smiles to people’s faces and infuse any space with beauty and enchantment. Every event becomes an opportunity for Parker to spread happiness, one stunning floral arrangement at a time.

Surrounded by those who inspire him, he finds joy in creating meaningful connections and sharing cherished moments. Parker also nurtures his love for botanical beauty by spending time in his garden, where he can further explore the wonders of nature. Additionally, his passion for design extends beyond flowers, as he indulges in the art of shopping and discovering unique treasures.


Our company motto, “What’s the Why?”, reflects our core belief that design should never be arbitrary. We observed our founder using this phrase often in meetings, and the question resonated—and went on to become our team’s guiding principle.

We believe design is best when grounded in clear rationale. That’s why we start with goals, objectives, and needs — not aesthetics and trends.

By asking “What’s the Why?” every step of the way, we’re led by intention and equipped for any challenge that arises.

By scrutinizing the purpose behind each idea, we can assess its potential impact and relevance to the project’s goals. This approach fosters a thoughtful and intentional design process, enabling us to create solutions that are not only visually appealing, but also strategically aligned with our clients’ objectives.

Our company motto embodies a commitment to purpose-driven design, ensuring that our work delivers tangible value.

Our founder grew up on her grandfather’s cattle ranch in Abilene, Texas, a place that holds a special place in her heart. The bull in our company logo is an homage to those cherished memories and the values they instilled.

The bull represents strength, resilience, and hard work — all integral to growing up on the ranch.

The logo is also a nod to our founder’s passion for floral design, which was first introduced to her by her grandfather. The bull symbolizes a harmonious balance of strength and beauty, a visual representation of House of CLRK’s ethos. This is a company that strives to create designs that are not only elegant and appealing, but strong and impactful, just like the bull.

Our Values

These grounding principles motivate everything we do. They’re a window into how we operate, stay inspired, and keep an eye on the bigger picture. We’re always working toward the mission of unique productions and expert prowess — these are the pillars that help us get there.